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Why We Do What We Do

For well over one hundred years, we have been involved in the fume hood and ventilation business.  In that capacity, we have had the opportunity to visit thousands of labs.  What we have seen has spanned the spectrum from great to horrible.  We have seen many labs with fume hoods that did not provide the intended level of safety for a whole range of issues.  We have witnessed, all too often, that the very people the fume hoods were supposed to be protecting were under trained, never trained and often left out of the process that would determine the fume hood’s application and performance level.

We have spent most of our time with architects, lab planners, engineers and an occasional owner or lab manager, but rarely are we in front of the users; those who could benefit the most from our experience and knowledge.

We began to understand that the fume hood was the most misunderstood and misused safety device in the lab.  We also recognized that the User wasn’t well represented in the process of selecting and acquiring fume hoods.  So as independent consultants, we decided to become User advocates. Independently, we have been working for years conducting in-person training, seminars and workshops.  From those labors, we decided to band together.  Banding together enables us to make a much greater impact, then accessing on-line learning platforms allows us to reach far greater numbers of people.

Fume Hood Certified has put together a comprehensive package of services and delivery methods to address anything fume hood related.  From informational videos on YouTube to on-site troubleshooting, we have something for every stakeholder when it involves fume hoods and laboratory ventilation.

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