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Watch our full software walkthrough video here. (3 minutes)

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Now that you have tried it,  

Sign up today to start a free year trial for a single hood!

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If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

 $10/year per hood for any amount of hoods!

We are excited to show you the new software we created called, The Fume Hood Performance Tracker ,an online platform that keeps all of your fume hoods, and all of your pass and current test results IN ONE PLACE!

Let us store all your fume hood certifications and test data in our cloud based storage solution, no more out of date paperwork.  You can even store photos and videos of your findings in each hoods profile. 

With the HIN ( Hood Identification Number) Label, any tester, lab manager, EHS manager or hood user can easily pull up safety test results from any computer or smart phone without needing to install any software or mobile applications. 

Its as easy as visiting this link and entering your 8 character HIN

Or just scan the convenient QR code HIN Label that we provide to you!

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