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It is estimated that as many as 50% of the installed fume hoods would not pass an ASHRAE 110-AU (As Used). In addition to being a significant safety issue, these hoods are wasting a tremendous amount of energy and providing little benefit to the users. Fume Hoods and Laboratory Ventilation systems need to be viewed from a holistic view.

In addition to offering online education and training, Fume Hood Certified offers a variety of services.

  • Training for those that maintain fume hoods and ventilation systems. 

  • Training for in-house Fume Hood Testers and a corresponding labelling system.

  • We act as the owner's representative to oversee annual fume hood testing.

  • We troubleshoot fume hoods that have failed testing.

Good Things Start with a Conversation!

Our team has amassed over 140 years of industry experience in all aspects of fume hoods and laboratory ventilation systems.

We have been active in numerous industry committees that are responsible for determining fume hood and laboratory ventilation standards.


Book a COMPLIMENTARY and CONFIDENTIAL 20 minute consultation below and see how we can help!

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