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Online Training For Testers

No matter if you are new to fume hood testing, or you are just looking to elevate your ASHRAE 110 knowledge... Our online course teaches all aspects of testing and comes with your official certificate! We certify over 20 new testers every month. Join the club and enjoy learning about ASHRAE 110 testing.

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Welcome to Fume Hood Certified

Do you have a fume hood problem? We can help!

Laboratory Fume Hood Safety Training - Fume Hood Education - Fume Hood Troubleshooting - Fume Hood Testing - Fume Hood Tester Certification & More!


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Have you heard about Tri-Color??

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The Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer is the simple, modern, and better way to test your fume hoods.

Are you a fume hood tester?

To learn more about the new way to test your fume hoods, visit

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Got a problem?   Let us help!

Our team of independent consultants have over 140 years of combined fume hood experience and the expertise and knowledge to help you regardless of your problem. We take a holistic approach and can assist you in improving lab safety and address energy usage issues.

Fume hood issues tend to be unique. Regardless of your potential issue, we have the expertise to help.

Free- 20 Minute Consultation

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We are excited to show you the new software we created called, The Fume Hood Performance Tracker!  The software is a online platform that keeps all of your clients, all of your fume hoods, and all of your test results IN ONE PLACE!

Let us store all your fume hood certifications and test data in our cloud based storage solution, no more filling out paperwork! You can even store photos and videos of your findings in each hoods profile. 

Starting at $1 a month per hood for any amount of hoods!

With the HIN ( Hood Identification Number) Label, any  tester, lab manager, EHS manager or hood user can easily pull up safety test results from any computer or smart phone without needing to install any software or mobile applications. 

Its as easy as visiting this link  and entering your 8 character HIN:

Or just scan the convenient QR code HIN Label that we provide to you!

Check out the video below and then get in contact with us to get a free year trial for a single hood

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Watch our full software walkthrough video here. (3 minutes)

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The one resource you can't go without!

Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

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The first book of its kind! A step by step approach to explaining the interface between the fume hood, the laboratory ventilation system, and the building HVAC. Chip Albright's holistic approach to the subject is refreshing and effective. If you own or work in a laboratory, this book is required reading.

The author, Chip Albright is the founder of Fume Hood Certified with over 40 years of experience in the laboratory furniture and fume hood industry. His extensive involvement in observing, designing, and testing laboratory ventilation systems around the world has given him a unique knowledge of how these systems work to create safe laboratory environments. Chip has been a major player in creating standards through his work with SEFA and is a sought after speaker on the subject of fume hood safety. 


Chip Albright

Fume Hood Certified President
Inventor of Tri-Color Software & Systems
Author of Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

Let's Talk!

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Our Mission

Make fume hoods safer

by educating

people and troubleshooting

fume hood problems.

Education and Training
on all things Fume Hood!

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