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Chip Albright

Fume Hood Certified, LLC

PHOENIX (September 13, 2021) – We are pleased to announce the launch of Fume Hood Certified, LLC as an expert resource for all things fume hood related.  Our primary focus will be to make fume hoods safer by educating people about their proper use and troubleshooting fume hood system problems.  Chip Albright is the President of Fume Hood Certified, LLC.  The fume hood experts and professional engineers on staff have over 140 collective years of experience in fume hood safety, design, testing, ventilation, controls and exhaust systems.


Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most misunderstood and misused safety devices in the lab; our mission is to help those using this PPE to do so safely.  Our educational platform includes online and in-person as well as hybrid classes and training.


Chip Albright, the author of Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained says, “The fume hood is a complex device in an even more complex laboratory ventilation system.  Without a holistic view of how all the elements work together, we will not achieve the intended safety levels.”  At least 25% of the fume hood’s failure to perform are related to user work practices, yet little attention is focused on the people using the fume hood.


Much effort is made in the design, specification and installation of fume hoods and the laboratory ventilation systems that make them work.  What makes their use challenging is that they are hybrid devices.  At one level, they are part engineering control in the overall mechanical ventilation system, but in practice they are a PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, for the users and lab occupants.  As with all PPE, the user needs training to properly use the device.  Our focus is fume hood safety for the user.  We intend to make labs safer, one fume hood at a time.


Each year there are a number of reported incidents where people have been injured and/ or facilities damaged because of practices involving fume hoods.  Our objective is to offer the necessary education and training to help minimize the risk of these incidents by making the user an active component in the overall laboratory ventilation system.


Unlike standalone devices, such as Biological Safety Cabinets, the fume hood does nothing until connected to a properly designed, commissioned and maintained laboratory ventilation system.  Knowing that a fume hood is functioning safely is a complex issue.  By working with all the stakeholders, we intend to create awareness that will provide an understanding that can make fume hoods safer.


Laboratory accidents are very costly - from personal injury, to facility damage, to loss of work.  As a group of independent fume hood experts, the Fume Hood Certified team is committed to creating awareness and the understanding needed to mitigate the risk of incidents involving fume hoods.


Fume Hood Certified, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation chartered in Delaware. We are committed to making fume hoods safer by providing education, training and fume hood ventilation troubleshooting services.


The Fume Hood Certified Team is available to assist you with any issues pertaining to laboratory fume hoods.


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